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I just completed a Keune introductory color class. I learned a lot about their permanent, semi-permanent and blonding line. I have been doing research over the last year on a variety of color lines, debating which line I should switch to and Keune checks all the boxes. Keune is a salon exclusive company, meaning that they only sell to professionals this is very important to me! Keune provides ample education opportunities both online and in person. Keune formulates all their products with the greatest of care not only for the health of the hair, and the health of the stylist, but also for the look and longevity of the color. Keune offers incredible grey coverage whether you want a translucent look or more opaque.

The options that Keune offers to blondes really blew me away as well. They have cream bleaches, clay based bleaches and powdered bleaches, each of them have distinct advantages. No more one size fits all color removal. Keune offers so many options!

Another important factor for me is the ability to order online. I am not the kind of stylist who goes to a supply store to purchase 2 tubes of this and 3 tubes of that. I want the entire line at my fingertips and I want a constant supply of it. I like to place large online orders using a carefully crafted list. Also, staying out of the supply stores saves me money on random impulse buys.

A big thank you to the educator today, Tyree Ward for taking the time to teach about Keune. I was very grateful to be in the midst of a class of stylists today to listen to their questions and hear their personal solutions. Now I need to find out more about that intro kit…

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