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Advanced extension education

Cosmetology is unique in its lack of education requirements. After completing the required hours at school and passing the licensing test a cosmetologist requires 0 hours of continuing education throughout their career. None, nada, zip. This explains why the standard of professionalism is so low. We are never encouraged to become experts in the industry. 

Luckily there are an abundance of educational opportunities available in every state. They are typically associated with a brand or a product line which means that they are not necessarily giving you an unbiased education. They are training you to be a professional in their particular brand. Hey we will take what we can get. 

Extension education is different. Although a student of cosmetology is qualified to install and remove extensions upon completion of the required school hours and passing of the state test, extensions are hardly touched upon in school. There are a handful of extensions companies who will all try to convince you that they offer the best hair and installation method. Most of these companies will charge you, a lot, to be certified in their methods therefore allowing you to purchase their hair. The fact that these companies still continue to teach the same 4-6 methods of installation and never progress past the initial installation boggles my mind.

This is why I am developing the curriculum to teach advanced extension education. There is so much to know beyond the basics of "this is how you install the hair".    

Extensions are so much fun and so lucrative. There are so many things that need to be covered, from becoming a hair broker, to recruiting new clients, to moving beyond the initial hair company that you are certified in. 

Stay tuned for more on this educational opportunity. 

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