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Sombré is a variation of Ombré. Ombré is the gradual blending of one color hue into another. Sombré is just a softer version of that gradation. In order to achieve a true Ombré there needs to be a difference of at least 4-5 levels on the color scale. On the hair color scale 10 is the blondest hair, 1 is the darkest hair. For a true Ombré, if the client's ends are a level 10 her roots need to be a 6 or darker. The Sombré color doesn't need to have that drastic of an effect. You can achieve a similar result with only a variation of 2-3 levels difference between the roots and the ends. This allows the client to try out a trend without having to commit to a drastic color process. Most of the focus will be on the ends while maintaining the depth and shine at the roots. 

I use the balayage method of application for both the Ombré and the Sombré method. Pictured below you will see that i am using a paddle to help provide a backing as I paint the highlights onto the hair. The process of painting the color on in large sections allows for the ends of the hair to receive a lot of color, which is crucial is achieving a successful Sombré. 

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End of summer hair

What needs to be done? 

Bare minimum you need a haircut. Snip off all those dead ends and get rid of that summer singe.

A deep conditioning treatment is also recommended. You can go with a professional in-salon treatment which will use products that alter the structure of the hair. An in-salon treatment will have more immediate results on the hair. If you are the type of person who will neglect extra treatment at home because you don't have the time or energy for it then this is the treatment for you.

You can also purchase a take home treatment. A take home will have more sustained effect on your strands. If you're into super soft luxurious hair and extra time spent in the shower then this is best for you.

Some people choose both of those options, because spoiling your hair feels so good. 

If you are looking for a update to your blonde or a new hue to your brunette than now is the perfect time to do it. Most clients choose to go a little darker during the fall to mimic the effects of less sun in their hair. 

Let your stylist direct you.

Your hair care products can also start to change. I would switch from a Damage Remedy line to the Dry Remedy line. Since you probably won't be swimming as much or styling your hair for those late summer nights you can move away from the protein enhanced shampoo's and conditioner's. Wool and fleece hats are the next concern. These can leech moisture from your hair and also leave it feeling frizzy. Try extra moisture by using the Dry Remedy oil. You will only need a few drops. 


Amber Waves-Jennifer Bridges

Amber Waves-Jennifer Bridges

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Balayage is booming at Blís Salon! We are switching clients from foils to hand painted highlights daily. 

What is the advantage? A beautiful pallet of colors, fantastic full grey coverage, bold visible highlights without the maintenance.

What is the process? Rather than selecting the portions of hair to be highlighted in a rigid, static manner, the hair is selected based on the movement and natural rhythm of the hair. Large pieces of hair are picked up and painted. This allows for a truly unique approach to each head of hair. 

This look can be as natural or bold as desired. Its perfect for someone who wants to experiment with highlights but doesn't want to deal with the grow out. 

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