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I shadowed my first Hand Tied Weft class today! Teaching has its’ rewards. I met some great local talent and I learned a few things too. Fearless Samantha came all the way from Ohio to teach this class. Her bag didn’t make it but her beautiful smile and talent arrived. We were at the lovely new Pigment Salon. They re-arranged their uber-cool custom designed salon furniture to accommodate all of us. We were there for 8.5 hours helping everyone learn the techniques and principles that make Aqua such a unique company. The process provides the client with much more support and much less tension. Our process better protects the client’s hair as it grows out. There is a lot to learn though! It can be a little exhausting. Good thing we had lunch, snacks and cold drinks, thanks to Salon Services and Melissa our lovely rep.

I have heard from a couple of the students after the class regarding some installation questions and I am so happy about that!! I love that they are still thinking about the process and practicing the installation enough to have questions. Two more classes to go before I am certified with Aqua as an educator.

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