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Home hair color

Do you want to know what your hair will look like when you don't make time to go to your stylist and you have a friend apply box color to your hair? Wonder no more. 

Not only will there be a band or a stripe of color where the box color was applied, there are also splotchy areas in the middle of the hair where the "friend" missed applying the color. These were just two pieces of the client's hair, but there were stripes and splotches throughout the hair. 

To fix this home hair color fiasco first we decided on an end result. The client wanted deep natural colored roots with ends as blonde as we could get them. The first step was to eliminate some of the splitchiness and pull any residual color out of the client's ends with Aveda enlightener and 20 volume. I applied the Enlightener using the balayage method and let it process for about 25 minutes. At the shampoo bowl I applied Aveda Demi-permenant color 7N from 1/4" away from the root to midshaft. At the root I applied Aveda men demi-permenant color 6N on the roots only to achieve a shadow root. 


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