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Hairdreams extensions

I traveled to Seattle, WA last weekend to attend a 2 day hair extension class. I am now certified to install Hairdreams extensions. This is going to mean a lot to my clients. Installation will only take minutes now rather than hours. The extensions can be worn without removal for months with only minimal maintenance. The bonds are made of nylon so they don't absorb water. This means that they wont turn color or get puffy with successive installations. Also the bonds are completely flat so they won't feel bulky against your scalp. 

Watch the short video below to see how quickly they install. 

A full head application only takes between 35-55 minutes!! 

These extensions have a life of between 4-6 months. Once it is time for removal each bond is crushed and gently removed from your natural hair. 

Schedule a consultation appointment today so we can match the exact color, texture and length for your Hairdreams creation. 


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