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Global Brand

Aveda is a global brand, there are very few of them. As a customer this means that you can walk into an Aveda salon in any country in the world and receive a universal result in both color and product. As an employee of Aveda this means that you can potentially work anywhere in the world. This is big news! To be able to deliver and receive consistent treatment offers a lot of opportunity. 

In order to become a global brand the parent company, Aveda in this example, has to file for patents and be approved in every one of those countries. All of their product and color ingredients are scrutinized along with their labeling, marketing and delivery systems. 

This also means that Aveda education is available in every corner of the world. Aveda is an astounding company to work for based on their educational opportunities alone. There are always a variety of classes to attend in your area, or while on a work vacation. 

Aveda color
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